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Everybody, hatemail goes to “life-as-a-pigeon”
I’d like to think of him as “life-as-a-pig” 



Posts like this are severely aggravating, I understand that you fucking Civilians are ungrateful bastards, but if we didn’t fight for you, you’d be some middle easterners sex slave. Seriously, go fuck yourself. Have some respect, I get that you want to stop a “The War” but bitching, and putting up posters has never done anything. 


Do you seriously think those innocent people that are slaughtered every single day have something to be grateful about? So how the heck do you expect us to be when we’re in a country that supports killing our own brothers? Just because you wear a suit or you’re in charge of some kind of unit doesn’t make you any less of a terrorist when you’re taking the life of children and families every single day and calling it justice. There’s bad people in every society but what’s special about America is that every time someone retaliates in even the smallest of scales, you guys hit back ten times harder for your so called “freedom land”. I wonder what you’d be saying right now had you been born into an Afghan family and your brother/sister/friend had died under a drone strike. Look at your own damn self through others’ perspective for a change, it might clear your head a little bit. Sorry, we forgot that your idea of “respect” is encouraging your men to keep killing under any orders whatsoever. And even things as little as posters help. It’s called awareness.

You wanna know what’s really aggravating? Ignorant pricks like you.

“if we didn’t fight for you, you’d be some middle easterners sex slave”.

That is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on tumblr today. 

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Guantánamo files: at least 150 innocent people imprisoned
New WikiLeaks documents reveal children, elderly and mentally ill to have been locked up in the world’s most controversial prison.
WikiLeaks today began releasing 758 files on almost every single prisoner ever to have been detained at the world’s most controversial prison. The ‘Gitmo files‘ reveal a shocking picture of wrongful imprisonment, incompetence and abuse. One detainee, for example, an Al Jazeera journalist, was held for 6 years partly because the US hoped to gain information on the Arabic news network.
Over the years, the US has held children, senile old men, and physically mentally ill people at the prison, while at least 150 inmates appear to have been innocent. The youngest prisoner at Guantánamo was an innocent 14-year old kidnap victim, the oldest an 89-year old innocent Afghan villager who suffered from senile dementia. According to the Guardian:

In 2002 Guantánamo prisoners were described as “the worst of a very bad lot” by Dick Cheney, US vice-president. “They are very dangerous. They are devoted to killing millions of Americans, innocent Americans, if they can, and they are perfectly prepared to die in the effort.”
But the internal files on some prisoners paint a very different picture. A 2002 assessment of Guantánamo’s oldest prisoner, Mohammed Sadiq, who was then 89, revealed dementia, depression and sickness. “His current medical issues include major depressive disorder, senile dementia and osteoarthritis, for which he receives prescribed treatment.” The Afghan national was also being assessed for prostate cancer.

We’ve posted about this before, but people really need to know about the atrocities of Guantanamo & the kind of vital information Wikileaks is publishing that the US wants to keep secret.

Let’s not waste time and start becoming the people we always dreamt of being.

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Mohammad Al-Dam bids farewell to his son during his funeral June 21st 2012. His son, Mamoun, was killed on Wednesday, June 20th 2012, during an Israeli air strike while playing on his farm.  

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This Broke My Heart ….